Ryan Thomason

Star Wars: The Old Republic

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As if knowing that Warhammer 40k could possibly kill my marriage if I were to get it. The stiffy from that game can’t measure to my orgasm when I read about this one. I rocked both of the Knights of The Old Republic games Bioware shipped out what seems ages ago, easily putting something like 60-70 hours into each one of those. This was all the I was still a bachelor. How am I going to survive with an MMO while having a and wife and two kids?

I’m stoked to Sith it up, because honestly, being evil is cool. Who’s going to join me in force choking some Jedi scum?

Game Description: Embark on the most epic Star Wars experience to date in this story-driven MMO set during the time of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Fight your way across the galaxy as a Jedi, Sith or various other Star Wars archetypes and characters, and encounter countless friends and foes along the way. Experience the expansive Star Wars universe like never before thank to the game’s full voice acting,… an MMO first.

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