Evan Burkey

Star Wars: The Old Republic Showing Live Demo At PAX

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I love MMOs. It all started with Everquest 2, then World of Warcraft took my soul. I’ve played every beta I could get my hands on, and I’ve subscribed to most of the big MMOs for at least a month, if not more. I also love Star Wars. As a kid, I had the complete original series memorized. My parents, who bought me the VHS rerelease, grew to hate Star Wars because I would sit and quote the movies as we watched them.

So when I say I’m excited for Star Wars: The Old Republic, I’m making a vast understatement. Today, Lucasarts announced that they will be showing a live demonstration on the PAX show floor. I’m not exactly sure how they will do a live demo of an MMO, but regardless, I’m sure I’ll rush over on Friday afternoon to check it out. From what we’ve seen so far, the game looks like an excellent entry into the MMO world. To be honest, this very well could be the game that gets me to stop playing World of Warcraft… and that’s saying something.

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