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Star Wars: The Old Republic – Jedi Knight vs Bounty Hunter Trailer

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To be completely honest with you all out there in the great big wide world, I am not Star Wars biggest fan, but the more trailers we get for this game gives me an itchy mouse finger.

The project is so blatantly a BioWare game because I can easily see the influence that Mass Effect’s in-game talking cutscenes has had on this game. Then again, I guess that like all things that George Lucas has his hands in, source material has to be copied.

The video you see above was made by BioWare to show the world exactly how different the characters who pick Jedi are from those who want to play a bounty hunter…or are they?

It’s an interesting premise that you can start as a Jedi who turns to the dark side or you can be a scrupulous bounty hunter and the game doesn’t necessarily care one way or the other. I especially enjoy the Jedi mind trick and how it didn’t affect the bounty hunter.

I just thank Crom that the battle system isn’t a “stand there and wail away at your enemy” type except for the Jedi seems to be limited to his melee attacks. No matter, when facing a low level Jedi just keep on backpedaling like you’re playing Unreal Tournament!

The game is set to be released this December 20th in the states and on the 22nd in the EU/UK.

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