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Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Season 3 Clips

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clone troopers in training.

In anticipation for the return of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Season 3 this Friday, the guys at Cartoon Network have dropped three new clips of things we can expect to see this season.

First up is a brand spanking new trailer for the Season, in which we find out soooooo much…there really should be spoiler tags for those that want to be completely surprised by the events of this season.

Second, we are have a clip featuring a bit of the training regimen that all clone troopers experience…some more successfully than others.

Finally, we have our third clip that shows that while all clone troops may look a bit different, they’re all “the same heart, the same blood”. It’s pretty cool really…sure makes their representation in the movies pale by comparison.

The show returns this Friday, the 17th of September on Cartoon Network.

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