Star Wars Rebels Season One: This is the Review You Are Looking For

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Season one of Star Wars Rebels is winding down. The final episode will air on Monday, February 23. It has been a memorable and enjoyable debut season for Lucasfilm’s newest animated series. The season has seen its fair share of cameos and callbacks to characters from the original trilogy, the prequels and even references to the Clone Wars animated series. It kicked off with a visit from two very familiar droids, R2D2 and C3PO, and has seen characters from Obi-Wan and Bail Organa to a familiar “old smoothie.”


Hello, what have we here? – Lando Calrissian

If you don’t have the time to devote to catching up on the entire season, might I suggest a few episodes to wet your thirst a bit?

***A warning to all: Watching these suggested episodes can be addicting. You will find yourself wanting for more. Make sure you have your favorite blanket and a bag or two of popcorn***

Let us begin.

“Rise of the Old Masters” – The rebels discover an underground transmission containing reports that Jedi Master Luminara Unduli is still alive and held captive. Kanan, who has been feeling inadequate with his ability to train Ezra, decides that they need to save Luminara, in hopes that she may properly train the young padawan. They travel to Stygeon Prime, where it is believed that Luminara is being held, only to discover that her remains have been strategically placed by the Empire to lure any remaining Jedi into a trap. This is their first encounter with the Inquisitor. This episode reveals the Empire’s intentions to use any means necessary to capture and destroy any surviving Jedi. The following episode, “Breaking Ranks,” continues along this theme.


“Path of a Jedi” – After seeing Ezra reach deep into himself and tap, dangerously, into the dark side of the force, Kanan decides its time for the young padawan to be tested. He instructs Ezra to focus and become one with the force in order to locate one of the galaxy’s many Jedi temples located on planet Lothal. Upon locating the temple, Ezra faces his Jedi Trials, a familiar callback to the visit Luke had at the tree on Dagobah. Jedi Master Yoda (voiced by Frank Oz) makes an appearance in the series as he offers advice to Kanan on how to train his young padawan. Almost simultaneously, he is conversing with Ezra, in an attempt to help the young one understand and accept his destiny. He instructs Ezra to put off his fears and anger. While in the temple, Ezra receives a kyber crystal that he uses to build his light saber, a unique blend of style and artistry, all his own.

“Idiots Array” – The crew of The Ghost come across, and make a deal with, a swindler out to make a little business for himself. Lando Calrissian arrives on the scene as a brash, smooth talking, swindler. He has made a deal that will make him rich. From bartering nearly half of the crew of The Ghost, to doing everything he can to avoid Imperial troops, young Lando leads the rebels on an adventure they aren’t soon to forget.


“Call to Action” – As if the cameos couldn’t get better, Call to Action finds the rebel band face to face with Grand Moff Tarkin himself. With the rebel band constantly eluding the empire and the Inquisitor unable to accomplish his directive to kill any remaining Jedi, Tarkin makes a personal visit to planet Lothal to oversee the capture of the rebels. This episode features vintage Tarkin, swelling with arrogance and determination. “Have you ever met a Jedi, senator? I have.” Tarkin’s past dealings with the Jedi made him overconfident in his ability to ensure that any remnants of the ancient religion were squashed like bugs. In order to do so, he felt it necessary to oversee the operation himself. The episode comes to a close when Tarkin captures Kanan and the rebels are forced to leave him behind.

There remains one episode, the season finale. There are many questions still to be answered. Some, I’m sure will wait til season two and beyond. I expect that Kanan will escape with the help of Ezra and the other rebels. It seems too soon to see any of the main characters come to an end.

A few things to look forward to could be possible appearances from Han Solo, Chewbacca and more visits from Bail Organa. Are any of these likely? Some have been speculated, but we shall have to wait and see. It will also be exciting to see how the rebels from this series fit into the eventual creation of the rebellion, as we know it, from A New Hope. Could this be the crew that eventually delivered the plans of the Death Star to Princess Leia and the crew of Tantive IV? No one knows. With the date set five years before the events of A New Hope, anything is possible.

Star Wars Rebels is a must see. They are available on the Watch Disney XD app for mobile devises or they frequently rerun on either The Disney Channel or Disney XD. You can also purchase and view individual episodes, or the entire season, with Join Amazon Prime – Watch Over 40,000 Movies & TV Shows Anytime – Start Free Trial Now.

And watch for season two coming soon!


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