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Star Wars One-shots Detailed

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BobaFettJay Rasulo, the CFO for Disney, talked to Variety last week about the fate of the movies that will be happening in-between the next trilogy.

In his interview Mr. Rasulo, with much ire and gnashing of teeth, said that the movies will be origin stories which doesn’t exactly mean that they’re going to be the rumored bio pics of Han Solo, Yoda, and Boba Fett as many have reported in the past …just means that they’re “standalone films…derived from great Star Wars characters that are not part of the overall saga”, that’s just vague enough to drive fanboys insane with speculation isn’t it?

People really need to relax. Disney is keeping George Lucas far away from this series, you’ll never have to suffer another Jar Jar. Think of it this way, what was the best Star Wars of all 6 so far? Ok, of those that you picked, which were directed by ol’ gobbleneck? EXACTLY. Unless you really liked the prequels or Toshi Station.

I bring this up only to provide you with some news to mull over, but really the series will be great regardless of what it’s about or who is the focus, Disney has been doing a fantastic job with other big licenses (Avengers), and they’re not going to let a guaranteed money-maker like Star Wars go down the crapper after the amount of cash they dropped to pick it up.


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