Star Wars: Episode VII the Force Awakens: Review and Bold Predictions

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A long time ago in a galaxy far away…

J.J. Abrams set out to make the first decent Star Wars movie of the 21st century. Did he succeed?

Sorry about that cliché opening but it just felt fitting in a tacky, yet satisfying way.

A lot is going to be said about this movie, so instead of a traditional review I’m going to give you the most basic info so you know whether to see it opening day or to wait a few days. Let’s face it, if you’re reading this you’re going to go see the movie despite what I say. The special effects, cinematography, and movie is completely par for an Abram’s flick. I expected a littler higher quality in the CGI from a Disney production, but it’s not bad by any means.


This movie is made for the fans plain and simple. There is countless nods to the original series, little mention of the prequels, and enough references to old sci-fi movies it’ll take years to notice them all. My favorite being nods to the movies Phantasm (Captain Phasma), and Metropolis (watch for the machine man knock off)

Han and Chewy are in the movie much more than you expect.

No Jar Jar, or Jar Jar-esque characters. BB-8 covers the cute character role, and he is a very likeable character.

The plot is reasonable, and with a run time of 135 minutes it never seems to drag. At no point did I wish they cut it down.

No noticeable lens flairs.


This will sound petty, but there were two noticeable low quality CGI scenes that lasted only a fraction of a second but totally took me out of the movie. Most people missed it, so don’t look out for it.

Carrie Fisher’s acting was not believable.

There’s a few scenes that were poorly edited.

The story is very predictable, and follows the plot line of Episode IV a little too closely.

My bold predictions:

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens will break box office records for opening weekend gross sales, and overall theatrical run gross sales worldwide.

Will be met with positive reviews, and critical acclaim, only to lose steam by the time it hits the home video market due to online campaigns by angry nerds. Despite this it’ll remain in a higher regard than any of the prequels.

Will not be nominated for an Oscar. If it does it’ll be for some small piece of the production like sound design, or special effects. No best picture, director, actor, or actress nominations.


It was exciting to watch this movie. I sincerely endorse supporting it. Now go see this movie so that the internet may once again “break.”

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