Star Trek Online Going F2P By The End Of This Year

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And a thousand wannabe Shatners cheered inside their cardboard Enterprises. In a transcript discussing Perfect World Entertainment’s results in Q2 2011, CEO Kelvin Lau confirmed that Cryptic Studios, who were recently acquired by the company, are working on a free to play version of their Star Trek Online MMO. He went on to say that it will be available by the end of this year and he hopes it’ll have potential in the US and Chinese Markets.

That’s all anyone knows for now. It doesn’t come as a surprise considering Cryptic Studio’s other currently owned MMO, Champions Online, also went free to play in February. As long as the microtranscations don’t cripple anyone who’s a cheapass then I guess Trekkies might get some enjoyment out of this MMO, especially since you start the game as the Captain of your own ship. Unfortunately there are currently there are no plans for an expansion where as Captain, you later decide to release amazing cover albums with you being the lead vocalist.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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