Star Trek Legion of Superheroes Mini Review

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Some crossovers should never happen, unfortunately Star Trek Legion of Superheroes is on that list. A group of B-list DC superheroes end up on an alternate reality earth and low and behold so do Captain Kirk and the Enterprise gang. So neither group is staying inside their own continuity and both are dealing with the problems of an alternate earth.

Neither of the two storylines created enough intrigue to pull me in. I actually almost quit reading numerous times but decided to push through and see if it got better. It didn’t, a crossover should have a purpose or at the very least be fun. At least in one issue I didn’t get either of those and its not enough to get me back. So here’s a couple questions, what comic crossovers do you think would be great and what would be ridiculous? Personally, I think Transformers visiting Jurassic Park would be fun. Archie meets the Punisher, even better. Ridiculous, how about Star Wars meets Dungeon and Dragons?



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