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Star Trek 2, delayed from Summer to Winter 2012

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Grreeaaaaaaaaaaaaat! Star Trek’s been pushed back, probably because JJ is a little too busy.

The next incarnation in the Star Trek rebooted franchise has been officially pushed back by six months. Primarily this is because JJ Abrams is over worked. He currently is juggling 2 post production films (Super-8, and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol) in addition to 4 television series (Fringe, Undercovers, Person of Interest, and Alcatraz) and if that combination doesn’t make for a busy schedule, then I don’t know what would.

As upset that I am, I can’t really blame them for the push back. Star Trek 2 is one of those films that I would rather be delayed, and be done right (ala the first reboot) than done quickly and sloppy. The audience isn’t going anywhere, so there isn’t a hurry. The subject isn’t topical, and there is nothing else out there that will fill in the niche of Star Trek. I mean, come on… It’s Star Trek. There isn’t anything quite like it.

Still, even with this report, the push from summer 2012 to winter 2012 should be seen as a soft date. With all honesty, the film will actually get released in summer 2013, for two simple reasons.

1) The Avengers.
2) Summer releases garner higher box office totals than winter releases. Well, with the exception of Avatar.


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