Star Trek #1 – Boldly Going…Somewhere

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The crew of the USS Enterprise is back and they look surprisingly similar to the stars of the J.J. Abrams movie reboot (remember the movie where Thor got his big break as Kirk’s dad, how’s that for a comic crossover).The book takes place shortly after the end of the movie with Kirk, Spock and the rest being sent back out on their mission to boldly go where no man has gone before. The comic assumes that you are familiar with Trek or at least saw the movie as there is no back story on any of the characters, in my opinion this works well because, really, who would pick up a Trek comic without being something of a fan. It also helps writer Mike Johnson jump right into the story.

It starts with Scotty freaking out because of some engine issue (anyone remember any episode of Trek where Scotty wasn’t freaking out about the engine? Didn’t think so). That issue, of course, gets put aside until the after the Enterprise reaches the edge of the galaxy and apparently runs into the wall that runs around the Milky Way, who knew?

The story is actually more involved than this, you have the famous Star Trek 3-D chess, Spock performs a mindmeld, Dr. McCoy has lady issues, Chekov looks like he’s seven, the crew investigates a distress call (like that’s never happened before) and all of the psychics on board fall over dead except for one who can now juggle without using his hands…whew, is that enough hot Trek action for one issue. I hope so, the artwork is decent although it felt like we were forced to see the comic versions of every character in the film show up even when they have no real part in the story yet. It really felt like they wanted you to know that the included all the actors from the film. The story is pretty standard Trek fare, if you are a fan of the series you will likely enjoy the added stories you’ll get from the comics. If you aren’t a Trekie/Treker/GrandMasterTrekster this may not be the random comic for you to pick up.

I can’t pass up a chance to highlight the best Star Trek memory of my childhood, Star Trekin.

STORY: 82%
ART: 80%

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