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Square-Enix Teaser Revealed: Surprise! Another RPG!

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Well with the dragons and with the artwork, it was bound to be an RPG, but the best part is this, it’s a new chapter in the Final Fantasy Gaiden series (the last one was Final Fantasy Adventure for the original GameBoy).

The new DS RPG has had game sites glued to their monitors, watching the countdown with bated breath until the clock would reach zero and we’d have an idea of why exactly we were waiting so long. Sorry to ruin it for y’all, but the game being slowly revealed is Hikari no Yon Senshi: Final Fantasy Gaiden which lilterally translates to The Four Soldiers of Light: Final Fantasy Side Story

It is set to be your typical faire when it comes to RPGs, young boy, princesses, dragons, saving the world, and just about any other cliché you can think of.

The battle system seems to be menu driven and with a name like “Yon Senshi” I’m only guessing that you’ll have a max party of 4 (yon = 4) characters. There is no MP for your characters, which leads me to believe that they’ll use a similar battle system from Final Fantasy VIII (my favorite BTW).

It does seem that Square has listened to us and has made it so that when you change armor and weaponry, it is reflected on your character. Fans of Final Fantasy Tactics will like the fact that the main artist for the game is Akihiko Yoshida. This should be a fun little game to distract us while we all wait for FFXIII to come out.

[Thanks IGN]

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