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Square Announces Gun Loco

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hi, my name is nucking futzSeems the RPG giant doesn’t like games like Borderlands having the complete share of Sci-Fi shooters. In response, they’ve announced today that they have a title in the works called Gun Loco…however the thought of Square making a third-person shooter takes me back to their PS2 game Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerebus, and has me scratching my head.

The game, which is being touted as a 3rd person shooter that takes place on a prison planet full of the meanest and most dastardly of villains in the solar system…the PR speaks better than I can involving plot.

In this long-abandoned world, the only rule is anarchy, as each faction fights in a bloodthirsty race for survival, power and freedom. Through several seven climate zones and numerous stylized maps, players must fight through the ruins of the world’s previous civilizations, taking on each region’s inmates in a frantic and frenetic struggle to survive.

Gun Loco’s characters feature a unique visual style with each created from the original design concepts of respected designer and toy maker Kenny Wong. Founder of kennyswork, Co-founder of Hong Kong-based Brothersfree and co-creator of the cult Brothersworker series of collectible action figures, Kenny’s incredible design style and unique characterization are a perfect fit for the bizarre world of Gun Loco. Painstakingly crafted by hand, each comic caricature has been designed from scratch as a real, poseable action figure in the Brothersworker vein before being digitally scanned into the game. Gun Loco brings these memorable misfits and surreal sociopaths to life through animation, audio and unforgettable action gameplay.

Square is known for making some of the best (and worst) RPGs in console history, and they’ve tried to branch out in the past into areas that they normally didn’t have purchase. Take for instance their work with the Tobal series, Ehrgeiz, and Einhander, all of them genres that they weren’t known for but were in their own rights, pretty damned awesome.

I’ll take it one step further…I’m going to defend The Bouncer. It was an alright brawler game and I enjoyed each playthrough that I took the time to experience. There are always people out there that are going to shit all over a company trying to branch out, I just hope people will give this some time to develop into something before drawing conclusions.

In the meantime, keep an eye on the game’s website.

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