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Spread #1: Many Sleepless Nights Ahead, Dear Readers

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Image releases a vicious new monster who expands its evil pestilence in the new sci-fi horror adventure, Spread.



Spread #1
Writer: Justin Jordan
Artist: Kyle Strahm
Publisher: Image
Release Date: July 9, 2014

Visit imagecomics.com or your local store for Spread #1. You can pre-order Spread #2 and Spread #3 from Things From Another World.

Our story begins ten years after explorers dug deep into the earth’s core, unleashing a creature made up of what appears to be blood and veins. Now, with greater understanding, humans have learned to ease the infection and while they can’t control the organism, they have learned to avoid it. The beings shoot out of the ground like possessed tree trunks and grab the nearest person or animal, making any evening stroll a dangerous endeavor. Should one come in contact with the Spread, your body becomes a vessel for them use as they see fit. The narrative follows a recluse, No, who is immune to the effects of the Spread and spends most of the story roaming around and searching for creatures to chop into tiny bits. When No comes upon a woman who has been attacked by some drifters, the woman reveals that the men took the baby she was protecting. Before dying, the woman asks No to find the little one simply because “she is Hope.”

Spreads’ story was a fun mix of various horror genres and remains gory and suspenseful throughout. Justin Jordan’s characters are well designed even when they are merely cameo players. In the wake of his last comic, Luther Storde it appears Jordan continues to evolve as a story teller. Kyle Strahm adds a visceral quality to the story with his beautifully messy style and his bloody beasts were terrifyingly disgusting in only the best of ways. In a sense, Spread takes bits and pieces from Rob Liefeld’s Prophet and then mixes it up in a blender with touches of 1990’s Tremors and Stephen King’s Dreamcatcher.
I am looking forward to many sleepless nights avoiding nightmares and following No and Hope’s journey to avoid the oncoming Spread.



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