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For the last week now I’ve been trying a little program called Spotify and I have to say I’m quite impressed. First off, I’ve always been a fan of It was a great way to listen to music free and legally and personally I loved the recommendation system, which actually did a pretty good job at finding music that would suit your interests. It ‘s a radio system so that you can’t just pick the music you want to listen to which I can understand. After all, it could be commercial suicide for the record companies so it’s not surprising that you can only listen to a radio system. However, it seems that now, some record companies have decided to take that risk by supporting Spotify.

First off, you can play whatever you want, providing it’s in the Spotify database. The program does offer a radio system, but let’s say for example you wanted to search for songs by Queen. You’ll get a simple search results table showing you every song that has the word queen in it in some form and then all you have to do is click one of the songs and it will immediately start streaming at 160kbps. Unless you’re an audiophile, then this should be just fine for you.  It also keeps up to 5 of your recent searches and lets you make playlists of songs. Not bad. Now there must be a catch I hear you say, and you’d be right. Every 6-8 songs, you’ll get an unskippable 30 second or so advert. I don’t mind this though. After all, for being able to listen to all this music for free, a 30 second advert per album or so isn’t bad at all.

It’s not all perfect though. Firstly, not all of the record companies are on board. For example if you search for songs by Metallica, you’ll only get one song from them with the rest being tributes. Although this a bad example since that’s the band that helped take down the original Napster, I’m sure that they aren’t the only band. The other thing is that there’s no equalizer but it’s hardly something I can complain about, considering the freedom of the program. I’m still loving this program so far though and I urge anyone reading this who likes their music to give it a try. I’m just worried that due to people who will record the streams, the program will eventually get shut down. I sure hope not.

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