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I know us hardcore sports lovers are in the minority here at WPR but I watched this trailer THREE TIMES before I tore myself way to make this post, ‘Moneyball’ is going to be amazing if it holds up to this trailer. First off, the basics of every movie, the screenplay, Steven Zaillian and Aaron Sorkin worked on it. Big plus there. Star Cred? Brad Pitt, (a surprisingly awesome looking serious acting) Jonah Hill. Director? Bennett Miller, handpicked by Pitt because of his feature debut, “Capote.” Strangely, this would be Millers first film in SIX YEARS.

Here is the premise. Pitt’s Billy Beane, is, if you couldn’t notice from the trailer of course, the Oakland A’s general manager. He’s trying to win by fielding a group of misfits. But once that’s out of the way it buckles down to a guy trying to change a system while carrying no small amount of doubt himself. Basically a take of the story Lewis told in the Beane plot line of his 2003 nonfiction bestseller. Yeah, there are stats and spreadsheets all around, and the old guard of baseball scouts who think Beane is off his rocker.

Damn, this movie just looks so good, and I really hope it does well, THESE are the type of sports movies I love when they are done right. Lets keep our fingers crossed that this movie knocks the competition out of the park in September. (Yeah, I went THERE.)

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