Splode Your Way Into Ms.Splosion Man Beta

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Did you like the fun hijinks of Splosion Man? Do you like trying out new games before they’re released? Do you promise to actually play a beta? Then Twisted Pixel have a deal for you. Over at Microsoft Connect, you can get early access to the beta for Ms Splosion Man. The focus of this beta is on the co-op element of the upcoming sequel, and to qualify for the beta you’ll need to have an Xbox Live Gold account and an Xbox 360 with a hard drive (sorry Arcade owners). You’ll be able to sign up for the beta up until June 12th and it is running from June 6th to June 26th. That’s a whole 20 days to get your feminine splode on.

If you’re lucky enough to be one of the 10,000 to get into the beta then you will receive two multiplayer levels each week. However, Twisted Pixel don’t want you just having fun on their expense. They want to hear your bug reports and comments, which can be sent to [email protected]

I loved Splosion Man but unfortunately I don’t have and am too cheap to pay for Gold anymore so on my behalf go sign up for the beta and represent your WPR crew.

Source: Ms Splosion Man Dev Blog

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