Alan Smithee

Spider-Man’s Lizard Exposed? Oh my!

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You’d think that the web slinger would find a way to make sure his fly didn’t open all the way and allow that to happen…oh wait, you mean this isn’t a post with a picture of Spidey’s junk?

Above, you’ll see what very well could be a early or even final design for the villain in the next installment of the Spider-Man franchise…which is actually a reboot. Playing the missing armed Dr. Connors will be Rhys Ifans (he was the footballer in The Replacements, the field goal kicking one), wearing some ghastly looking makeup or CG if the picture from is any indication.

The movie, also starring Andrew Garfield, Martin Sheen, Sally Field, and Emma Stone will be out this July 3rd in all formats including IMAX 3D. Personally, do not want.

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