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Spider-Gwen #3 Has Gwen Stacy Facing The Possibility That Her Identity Is Compromised

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Spider-Gwen #3, written by Jason Latour and drawn by Robbi Rodriguez, has Gwen Stacy struggling with keeping her identity a secret.

Spider-Gwen #3
Spider-Gwen #3 cover by Robbi Rodriguez from Marvel.com

Spider-Gwen #3

WRITER: Jason Latour
ARTIST: Robbi Rodriguez
COLORIST: Rico Renzi
LETTERER: VC’s Clayton Cowles
PUBLISHER: Marvel Comics
RELEASE DATE: April 1, 2014
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Spider-Gwen #3 picks up with Gwen going back to her father’s home to talk about the fact that she is going to get caught. Captain Stacy is no longer in charge of the case against Spider-Woman, that duty has gone to the ruthless Captain Frank Castle, and he believes that Gwen is going to get caught or worse. Gwen, however, believes she can do good behind the mask despite the danger. That danger appears to follow her home in the form of The Vulture.

I have to say that I’m really enjoying this run of Spider-Gwen. Much like Silk it is a similar story that is being told from a new angle. The comic industry loves telling the same story over and over again (they’ve been repeating themselves since their inception), but it’s when writers take a character in a new direction that we start to get really interesting points of view. While Peter Parker has spent the better part of four decades lamenting the death of Gwen in the 616 Universe, in this universe Peter’s death is still very raw to Gwen. It’s the thing that continues to drive her to do the right thing and to help people despite the great personal risk to herself.

In this issue Gwen floats the idea that Spider-Woman isn’t the issue but Gwen Stacy is, which comes back to the theme of real life conflicting with the life of someone trying to be a hero. This is a conflict that almost all superheroes face, and it’s nice to see it show up in a comic and still feel fresh. This is one of the benefits to basically creating your own character. The creative team get to re-tread territory that hasn’t been brought out in a long time. Most of the Marvel universe is at least two decades old or more and everyone has gone through this plot thread. For those just beginning to read comics it’s a plotline they haven’t seen play out before and Jason Latour is doing a great job with it.

Latour is also doing a great job of making Gwen’s world different but still very real. In this issue we truly see that while this version of Frank Castle is a police officer he is still very much the Punisher we know from the 616 universe. I want to see more of Matt Murdock as the Kingpen and I hope that Latour gets to explore this before Secret Wars smashes the entire Marvel universe together. The art by Robbi Rodriguez, with colors by Rico Renzi, continue to show a technicolor version of the world. I still think that Gwen’s white costume is one of the best to come along in a long time. There are more fights in this issue and Rodriguez and Renzi make them easy to follow despite so much going on in the background.

Spider-Gwen #3, without a doubt, is one of the best ongoing series right now. In just three issues this creative team has created an entirely new hero that is sympathetic and fun to read. I’m not sure where Gwen’s universe is going to exist when Secret Wars happens, but should she join the main Marvel universe everyone would benefit from her presence. If not I’m eager to see more of the little differences between Gwen’s world and the main Marvel universe.

Spider-Gwen #3
Spider-Gwen #3 variant cover by Yasmine Putri from Marvel.com

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