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Spider-Gwen #2 Shows The Conflict Between Being A Superhero And Dealing With Real Life

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Spider-Gwen #2, written by Jason Latour and drawn by Robbi Rodriguez, continues the introduction to one of the most interesting woman in the Marvel universe.

Spider-Gwen #2 cover by Robbi Rodriguez from Marvel.com

Spider-Gwen #1

WRITER: Jason Latour
ARTIST: Robbi Rodriguez
COLORIST: Rico Renzi
LETTERER: VC’s Clayton Cowles
PUBLISHER: Marvel Comics
RELEASE DATE: March 11, 2014
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We pick up right where we left at the end of Spider-Gwen #1 (my review here) as Gwen Stacy falls from the sky after being carried by The Vulture in their fight. She wakes up alive but realizes that she is hallucinating a Peter Porker, the Spider-Ham, as her conscience. He continues to follow Gwen as she avoids trying to deal with her real life. Meanwhile, Captain Stacy is conflicted about how he should deal with a very aggressive detective, Frank Castle, who has taken over the Spider-Woman case.

There isn’t a person alive who can say that they haven’t looked at the problems in their life and just didn’t want to deal with them. It’s something we can all relate to, though the extent to which Gwen is going through this is a little different, it’s still a feeling everyone has of experienced. Gwen is trying to focus on being a better superhero in her version of New York City, but the problems with her friends and family are the one’s that she’s avoiding. Gwen would rather take on The Vulture again than confront her father about the problems they are now facing. Peter Porker, the Spider-Ham who is a real character, appears as Gwen’s version of Jiminy Cricket to try and guide her through this hard time in her life.

This issue also spends a decent amount of time with Captain Stacy as well. He’s in quite a predicament now that he knows Gwen’s secret. On one hand he has a duty to the police to try and help them catch Spider-Woman, but at the same time he knows that Gwen could get hurt when the police do catch up with her. He isn’t on the case anymore and it has been passed on to Detective Frank Castle who is very aggressive.

The thing that is fun about Spider-Gwen is that this story takes place in an alternate universe. There are lots of other Marvel characters appearing in different roles that we’ve never seen them in before. Mary Jane is a friend of Gwen’s and they are in a band together. Frank Castle, aka The Punisher in the 616 Marvel universe, is a detective. Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil in the 616, is thus far heavily implied to be a villain. It seems like writer Jason Latour and artist Robbi Rodriguez are having fun with this different take on the Marvel universe. The writing, art, and colors by Rico Renzi continue to give Spider-Gwen a very unique feeling. At the moment they have a lot of freedom with the stories they could do since this is an alternate universe, and I’m anxious to see different versions of other staples of the Marvel universe turn up.

Spider-Gwen #2 continues to explore this alternate version of the Marvel Universe as Gwen Stacy tries to convince her city that she’s there to help and not make things worse. The conflict that Captain Stacy feels and the reluctance that Gwen has to face the problems in her life are all things we can relate to and help make both characters feel human and fleshed out. The series continues to show promise and seems to be getting better with each issue.

Spider-Gwen #2 variant cover by Sara Pichelli from Marvel.com

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