Spaniards Are Racist: CONFIRMED

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See those fine, classy gentlemen above me? That is the Spanish Men’s Olympic basketball team, and they are taking a photo op showing how much they appreciate being in China to compete in the Olympics. Appreciative enough to stretch their eyes out, mimicing the stereotype of Chinese people having squinty eyes. Apparently this has caused quite an uproar among the sports journalism crowd, and Jason Kidd has called the Spanish team out, saying the American team would be kicked out of the Olympics and possibly China if they were the perpetrators.

So the question is: Are Americans the only ones that aren’t allowed to be racist? Is racism no longer racist if a race other than Anglo-American is the offender? Fuck that. Fuck that bullshit. I’m not saying it’s not OK for anyone to be racist, I’m saying it’s OK for everyone to be racist. If you take some word or gesture so seriously that you’re going to get offended if you witness it or hear it, then fuck you. You deserve to be offended.

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