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Southern Bastards #2: Running Interference

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In Southern Bastards #2, Earl Tubbs continues to struggle with leaving behind his hometown of Craw County as the mystery and violence mounts.

Southern Bastards #2 cover via imagecomics.com

Southern Bastards #2 cover via imagecomics.com


Southern Bastards #2
Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Jason LaTour
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Date: May 28, 2014

Southern Bastards #2 – $2.80
Retail Price: $3.50
You Save: $0.70

Who is Euless Boss and why is he such a mean ol’ bastard? It looks as though we won’t find out anytime soon, but in the latest issue of Jason Aaron’s Southern Bastards we finally put a face to the infamous name. The story opens as we rejoin our leading man, Earl Tubbs, who is finishing the clean-up on his daddy’s home. After a long day of work and reliving old memories, Earl takes a much needed break to watch the famous hometown Runnin’ Rebs football team and see Coach Boss in action.

During the game, Dusty, a man severely beaten by Boss’ boys, stumbles out of the woods to make amends with the coach. It’s still unclear as to what Dusty did to incur such wrath, and his situation only worsens when he stumbles onto the field and is plowed by the football team mid-play. Tubbs, in an effort to help, goes to the police department to shed some light on Boss’s violent ways of dealing with those who have apparently wronged him. However, Earl finds that even the police department is under Boss’s thumb as well, and no help will come anytime soon.

While I found the Aaron’s story compelling enough to want to keep reading, I was hoping for a little more information in this issue. Boss’s specific motives are still quite fuzzy, and it’s not clear at all why the people of Craw County would allow a virtual psychopath to run their town and their very lives. Could it be drug-related and Boss simply has a stiff hold over the junkies in this tiny city? Maybe, although it could also be something far more deviant. At this point, all we can do is guess.

The story seemed to slow its pace after the first issue and spent more time on set-up in the second than I would have preferred. I did enjoy the ending and a sudden supernatural tone the story took. I’m hoping that this mysticism continues and that it wasn’t just a silly one-shot reference. Regardless, there is definitely something amiss in Craw County and I don’t think Earl Tubbs is leaving anytime soon.

(Ed. note: Southern Bastards #1 is in its second printing! With a slow burn to pull you in, you’ll want to hop on this series now and get it on your pull list!)

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