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South Park: The Stick Of Truth Will Finally Release Next Month

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I feel like I’ve said this before…
So way back in September, we gave you a look at the South Park: The Stick of Truth trailer and shared our excitement over the game finally being released in December, well about that…..

December came and went, and as you might have noticed, we are still waiting. Not surprisingly, the game that has been delayed about a billion times, got delayed. With so many problem’s surrounding The Stick of Truth getting released, it started to feel like this game would never get to store shelves. Even Matt Stone and Trey Parker poked fun at the release hell their game was going though on South Park’s Game of Thrones parody arc that aired last season. Well all that uncertainty is finally over, South Park: The Stick Of Truth is shipping, and this time, it’s really happening.

Ubisoft and Obsidian announced today that the game has gone gold, which is game developer/publisher speak for the game is finished and ready to ship. With a set release day of March 4th, we will be able to actually play this in less than three weeks. This RPG has taken forever to finally get here, now I hope it was worth the wait. To help celebrate this event years in the making, I present to you, two new trailers. One is the new television trailer, and the second is a NSFW trailer featuring gameplay and the return of Mr. Hanky. Lets us know what you think. Will this be the ultimate South Park experience that was worth the wait, or has this shipped sailed, taking with it any level of excitement you once had?

The new televison trailer

The NSFW trailer

South Park: The Stick of Truth will be released for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC

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