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South Park – Season 15 Episode 6: City Sushi

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Oh South Park, it’s good to see you’re back from your two episode slump where I was starting to feel a bit apathetic toward you.

You can tell that the writers had some time to make this episode when they decide to take an entire episode and devote it to Butters and then give the subplot of the episode to a relatively unused character and manage to tie it all together in the end.

This week’s episode is titled “City Sushi” and with that title, fans immediately can tell who this episode will involve…you guessed it none other than SHITTY WOK’s own Tuong Lu Kim. The episode starts off innocently enough as mailman Butters is hand delivering flyers for the new restaurant City Sushi which has taken up residence right next door to Lu Kim’s City Wok, hilarity ensues as Butters is brought home by the police for inciting an Asian turf war between the Chinese and Japanese restaurant owners.

Butters is taken into a doctors office where he is diagnosed as having multiple personality disorder by the new character Dr. Janus. The doctor apparently thinks that the young Butters’ vivid imagination as he role-plays characters like Professor Chaos, Mailman Butters, and Inspector Butters is a mental disorder that that needs to be treated with “tender loving medication”.

Butters, the only innocent in all of South Park, Colorado, is completely confused as to this diagnosis, but decides to webcam himself as he sleeps, this sets up a great parody of Paranormal Behavior that has Dr. Janus sneaking into his room, pissing on him, and punching him while he sleeps. When Butters tries to confront the doc, all hell breaks loose as doc’s own MPD causes even more issues for the young man involving a jewel heist.

All the while, the hilarious subplot of the Japanese versus Chinese restaurants continues as the show dips into its deep well of racism. The Japanese restaurant owner speaks with an accent that is as thick as Lu Kim’s but in a different dialect which causes a running gag of the two speaking terrible Engrish.

The idiot residents of South Park rename the area of town with two Asian restaurants “Little Tokyo” which sets off Lu Kim to the point where he wants to bridge the gap between the cultures and educate the citizens of the city of the differences between Japan and China…because you know, they’re not the synonymous with each other. He in fact uses this as an opportunity to defame the Japanese by referencing all of the terrible things that Japan had done to China, namely the Nanking Massacre. He doesn’t stop there, later in the episode as we’re building to the climax, he coaxes the sushi maker to the top of a ‘friendship tower’ in an attempt to end the conflict once and for all.

There is a whole ton of racial stereotypes thrown out into the open this episode, but if I had to choose, it would have to be the thought that Japanese men are quick to suicide or the thought that Japanese food and Chinese food are the same.

When we get back to Butters and the Doctor, we come to find out something VERY disturbing about Dr. Janus that will leave South Park changed for the entire audience…but you’ll have to watch the episode to find out for yourself as it’s too good to spoil.

You might remember that in Cannibal: The Musical, they replaced the Indians with Japanese people and in Orgazmo, the sushi maker G-Fresh was a wonderful melange of Japanese and gangsta so any time I can get Parker and Stone’s irreverent sense of fairness (meaning that everyone gets a turn at being made fun of) I’ll take it. That’s not to mention that any Butters-centric episode will always be rated higher than the ones involving Stan, Kenny, Kyle, and Cartman in my book.

By far, this is my pick for the best episode of the season so far.

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