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South Park – Season 15 Episode 5: Crack Baby Athletic Association

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South Park has achieved a status that few other shows ever will or should ever attain. They’ve essentially become completely bulletproof from pissing off every group of persons in America…this merely translates into that they’re pretty much free to say whatever they want to whomever they want in any way they damn please. I love it.

This week, starts off with Kyle and Stan sitting around watching Terrance and Phillip (especially loved the shit spatter that one did to the other with their amazing fart abilities), when a commercial come up on the TV that is an obvious spoof of the Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercials that feature dogs who are about to be destroyed at the pound…only this time around it’s crack babies who are in hospital with nobody to love them.

Instead of turning away from the ad like Stan suggested, Kyle ends up watching it and is immediately compelled to run to his nearest hospital to help with the poor children. When he arrives he notices Cartman is there as well ‘volunteering’ his time. Kyle knows that he’s the least charitable person in the world so he can tell something is up…and hence the premise for this week’s episode.

It turns out that Cartman is taking two babies and placing them in front of a ball of crack cocaine and making the kids wrestle each other and while they’re doing so, he’s filming the whole thing and putting it up on the Internet for all to see. It eventually becomes so popular that they become a national association the CBAA (just guess who they’re lampooning with that name) and start to broker a game deal with EA Sports, which was perhaps the best scene of the show.

The closest thing to that epic scene was either the hot tub filled with KFC gravy…or the hilarioius chat that Cartman had with the dean of a prestigious Colorado university about how best to circumvent the normal laws concerning slavery while at the same time completely ripping on how colleges are able profit from their players that don’t really get to profit from their hard work (besides getting a college degree and a shot at the pros of course).


All in all, this was a pretty good episode full of scenes that made my wife cringe and in my humble opinion as a South Park fan…any episode that features Cartman getting completely hungy and taking people Denny’s for their Baconalia menu is alright by me.

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