Source Says Crytek Budapest facing redundancies after E3

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Crytek Budapest had been working on Xbox 360 exclusive Codename: Kingdoms.

An anonymous source, speaking to Gamastura, is claiming that 30+ staff will be made redundant at Crytek Budapest after E3 is over. The staff of 80, the source says, will be cut down and development focus will shift from a Kinect exclusive to titles on tablet devices.

Avni Yeril, managing director of Crytek, confirmed to Gamasutra that the studio would be getting a new direction and focus, but did not specify if that included making redundancies.

The source also says that the reason behind these layoffs is because Microsoft Game Studios have decided to move development on the exclusive Xbox 360 title Codename: Kingdoms, (first seen at E3 2010) from the Budapest studio to Crytek’s Frankfurt studio.

Nine workers have already been laid off during this move and more will be laid off after Crytek prepare to show development on Codename: Kingdoms at E3 next month.

Crytek Budapest was opened in 2007, with development mainly focusing on CryEngine2. Their only released game to date is the expansion game Crysis: Warhead, but they had been working on development of Codename Kingdoms since 2009.

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