SoulCalibur V revealed at Namco Press Event

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Namco Bandai announced at their Level Up event in Dubai event today that the next in the Soul series will be coming to Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 next year. The story of SoulCalibur V (Fighting games have stories? Apparently.) will take place 17 years after the last game and focus on Patroklos, a new character and son of Sopithia, a recurring character in the Soul series. Little else is known for now but the game will be appearing at E3. Above is a teaser trailer for the game, which is full of fantasy, swords, fighting and soul I guess.

SoulCalibur V is the latest in the Soul series, which began in 1996 with Soul Edge. It is a fighting game series that revolves around two swords. The Soul Edge, that gained its own soul after years of bloodshed and the Soul Calibur, the sword forged to defeat it. The last game in the series was the 2009 spinoff Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny.

That’s three new game reveals I’ve wrote about in two days. You know E3 is only around the corner when I’m starting to get deja vu.

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