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Sony’s New Patent Scares Me

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My sword has shrunked, eeegads!

Who out there remembers the DIVX players that came on to the scene a few years back when the DVD industry was just kicking off? I certainly do and I even think that I have a few in my basement. However for those of you who don’t remember what the hooplah was all about is that you’d essentially pay $1 ~ $2 to actually pick up a physical disc that you’d take home and put into your DVD player that would let you watch it once or twice. It seems that Sony wants to try and do the same thing with their games.

Once you got done watching the movie, you would have the option of a “buy it now” screen that would take money electronically off your card and give you essentially an unlock code to watch it repeatedly. For those that don’t remember, the format died a horrible, flaming death.

Now Sony’s idea isn’t exactly DIVX 2.0, but they’re planning on releasing physical copies of their games for free or a low price and when you take it home, you can play it as if it were a full release game for a limited time. As you keep playing and progressing, the game will start to ‘fuck with you’ by doing subtle things like changing the color depth, the brightness, or even the volume of sound effects…all until you purchase the game.

wow that last track was amazing! I can't wait to try it agai....n? wait where did it go?

That’s not all, the patent that they filed for “degradable demos” means that if you’re playing as, let’s say…Cloud Strife from FFVII, your sword would get smaller and smaller until you were left with a dagger that wouldn’t kill a level one Imp. Games like Gran Turismo would offer all of the game’s featured tracks, but would slowly start to take one away each race until you were left with only ONE track to play on.

It may seem neat, but I personally hope this never comes about, for the sake of playing these games in 20+ years, you might not have a way if the servers no longer issue the codes to play…and that scares me.

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