Alan Smithee

Sony SmartAR Tech is Badass

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There aren’t many of us here at WPR that got into the game Eye of Judgment but those that did learned really quickly how awesome games that used augmented reality technology could be.

It’s just too bad that the tech never really picked up and went anywhere substantial. Sure you had the one card-game and of course EyePet, but they were limited in what they could do. Not any more, introducing Sony’s SmartAR technology which blows those out of the water. Just seeing the little teddy bear start to walk off the item it was made from reason enough for me to watch the clip.

Not only is the new tech potentially headed to the gaming market on the PlayStation 3, but there are real world applications like in advertising and mobile phone markets that this could benefit. Near the end you can see the potential for mobile phones receiving advertising just from the camera seeing one object.

From what I gathered from the moon runes in the video, whatever product that has the AR tag on it is recognized by the camera and then placed within it’s very own 3D mapped environment (much like the way Microsoft’s Kinect maps the room). This type of AR is leaps and bounds ahead of other companies’ best efforts to stay in the market, but one has to wonder how long until we are all wearing special glasses all around town to get the full effect.

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