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Sony Shuns Full Game Downloads

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Microsoft is surprisingly active in their stance on becoming the first console to offer current generation game digital distribution. Sony, however picked this time to let the world know that they no longer want to play the ‘catch up to MS’ game.

I can understand the reasons to not feel the desire to offer digital distribution for ‘some’ of the PS3 library (I’m looking at you MGS4). Who really wants to download a game that would take up 62% of the 80GB Hard Drive. Notice that I did put the some in quotes up there because I don’t see why they wouldn’t want to offer the same multi-platform games that will be on the Xbox 360 digital distribution service.

It would only make sense because the 360 is still hindered by the DVD9 standard which wouldn’t be too bad of a download, the biggest game that would be offered could only be about 9GB. I don’t want to be too harsh on Sony, but they can’t keep dropping the ball like this on offering their gamers services like this.

Thanks, Kotaku

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