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Sony posts a $3.2Billion loss in the last fiscal year.

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Sony, who has been plagued with bad luck this calendar year, has posted a 3.2 Billion dollar (259.6 Billion Yen) loss. Half of that is because of the earthquake/tsunami

If you subtract the costs of repair, loss profit, and recovery from the effects of the Tsunami (approximately 1.83 Billion) Sony still managed to post a net loss of 1.37 Billion dollars. Roughly half of the loss Sony felt during the fiscal 2010-2011 year was associated with Tsunami / Earthquake damage and recover.

It’s now estimated that approximately $171 Million has been lost because of the efforts of Anonymous, the Internet hacking organization, and various other hacking and security issues.

The Sony Pictures group also lost big time, with a slew of flopper’s. All told, the motion picture division lost 14.9%, or $7.23Billion, from the previous year.

But it wasn’t all gloom and doom. According to Variety,

The Networked Products & Services division, which includes games, recorded an operating profit of 35.6 billion yen ($429 million) in FY 2010, compared with a loss of 3.3 billion yen the previous year. A big reason for the better results were cost cuts to PlayStation 3 hardware and higher sales of PS3 software.

Still. You really have to look at the big picture. Sony as a conglomerate generated a fiscal year total of 7.181 Trillion yen (or $88.17 Billion.) That $3.2B only represents around 4%. Sony hopes to increase sales totals by more than that 4% next year, to reach 7.5 Trillion.

Now that’s alot of cash.


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