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Sony Dooms PlayStation Move With Two Words

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we call them 'fail' goggles

There were probably quite a few of you out there who might actually remember what Virtual Reality is/was. But for those of you who don’t, it was a used-all-too-often technology buzzword that promised the world but delivered nothing. For the longest time, the mere utterance of the two words back to back would cause a shudder for anyone who was around during the time when The Lawnmower Man was in theatres.

Well, someone should have told Sony executives about the faux-pas when referring to any technology or hardware as Virtual Reality…that it essentially would turn away hundreds of potential adopters and guys like me who are still pissed off at the failed realization of honest to goodness virtual worlds?

I guess nobody gave them that memo.

The interview in question was on IGN and it was involving the PlayStation Move motion controllers, the executive who uttered the ill fated words was Richard Marks, a senior researcher at SCEA:

“We like to think of it sometimes, instead of a motion controller, as a virtual reality controller. Really, it’s a 3D, manipulate the world, reach into the scene, do what you want type of controller that didn’t exist before.”

Sure it is boss, keep telling yourself that when the price is slashed to $9.99 like the Virtual Boy that I picked up after Nintendo abandoned the platform.

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