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Sony Announces PlayStation Now

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One thing that this generation of consoles seems to be lacking is backwards compatibility. It was awesome when the PlayStation 3 came out and I snagged one of the first hardware driven backwards compatibility but not too long after that they jumped to a software driven emulation and then finally complete removal. The Xbox 360 did the same thing, only a handful of games from their first console were playable on the successor.

playstation now

The Xbox One is not backwards compatible at all and the PlayStation 4 is the same…except Sony did announce something completely amazing at CES this week that they’re calling PlayStation Now.

Of course you’re scratching your head about it right now, but let me explain. It’s not exactly backwards compatibility but it’s honestly the next best thing. You see, last year Sony purchased the cloud computing company Gaikai (founded by Dave Perry) for a whopping $380 million and when they did so I don’t think anyone saw this as the result, most thought it was more than likely just further diversification of their corporate portfolio. Turns out, they’re going to stream PS1 through PS3 games to your Internet ready Sony device of choice such as the PS4, PS3, Vita, their mobile devices such as phones and tablets, and even through their Bravia line of televisions.

The games will be available “on demand” if you will, and should be a damn good reason to pick up a PS4 if you’re sitting on the fence right now. The PSNow service will be subscription based and will begin its closed beta this month with a release to the public slated for the summer. Those that aren’t crazy about having to have yet another monthly bill to tend will be happy to know that you’ll also have the option to rent single games yet there has been no detail regarding the cost of either.

Your move Xbox.

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