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Sons of Anarchy — “Wolfsangel” Episode Review

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Something happens this week that even the character that it happens to can’t believe…

sons of anarchy If there’s one thing I love about watching Sons of Anarchy, is that with Kurt Sutter writing the show, you can’t expect anything except mayhem and long form revenge. That’s exactly what we’re in the throes of right now with this week’s episode. Spoilers ahoy for the recap coming!

The MC is constantly on edge, but no more so when Wayne Unser (the ex-sheriff) is attacked and carved upon like an “Inglorious Basterds” turkey, complete with a hateful swastika. Then… after we all thought that Tig was a goner after Jax sold him out to Pope’s de-facto leader, he ends up at Jax’s house having a conversation with him about “are we good?” referencing the very real fact that his President most likely nearly had him killed.

Of course Pope’s man claimed it was all a loyalty test that he passed and let Jax know if SAMCRO is planning on getting out of gun running for the IRA, then he’d more than likely pick up that business. Let’s move onto the revenge game that the MC needs to play with the Aryans who used Wayne as a cutting board. The only person the boys know that might have any kind of inside with the Aryans is none other than ex meth cook Darby who is now flying straight and married to someone decidedly non white, in other words… he’s left the brotherhood and that’s something that doesn’t happen very often.

He tells the guys where the potential San Joaquin asshats who carved up Wayne may be from which Tig, Juice, and a Prospect head over to the guy’s house to scout it all out. Being Sons of Anarchy, shit always has to go wrong and never in the MC’s favor so of course a gun fight happens. Luckily nothing bad happens…not just yet at least.

To cap off the bad day that the club has been having the meeting with the IRA doesn’t go well at all as Gailon continues to push the KG-9s that nobody wants after the school shooting during the premiere. Jax stands up to him and starts a fight that has some serious blowback on one of my favorite characters. Let’s just say that poor Phil fell apart after Jax’s order to Gailon about “hands off my club” was taken a bit too seriously.

Tara, Gemma, and Wendy have their own little subplot going on right now that I bring up only because it’s so nebulous as to how its going to to play out… but either one of them is going to die or leave the show forever. I can just feel something bad coming from that direction.

To top it off, the drama between Clay Morrow and U.S. Marshall Lee Toric (retired) has finally played itself out thanks to the bravery and savagery of one Otto Delaney who finally took his revenge against the best villain SOA has seen in a few seasons. It’s nice to know that Otto was able to finish off the mess he started, though it makes me wonder why anyone lets Otto out of his restraints at all anymore.

The final scene of the show in which Jax sits alone at the table after the destruction of the aryans (and subsequent framing) caps the show’s theme this season of “Heavy is the head that wears the crown,” as Mr. Teller has managed to become his father-in-law when trying to preserve the memory and intentions of his biological father, prompting me to believe that there’s nothing he nor anyone can do to bring the club into the legitimate side of business.

Then again, there’s always next week….

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