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Sons of Anarchy “Straw” – The Episode That Has Everyone Talking!

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Kurt Sutter is a sick son of a bitch and I love him for it.


The sixth season of Sons of Anarchy began this week and for a quick recap of what happened in just this one short episode, let me make a list from beginning to end. There are spoilers for this episode if you haven’t watched yet, you’ve been warned.

    • Otto getting repeatedly prison raped

Toric meant what he said when he said that he was going to make Otto’s last months in prison the most painful in his life. Kurt why do you insert yourself into the show this way, are you making amends in that universe for the harm you have caused?

    • Nero is back to being an OG

Yep, he’s back doing thuggish shit with his gang bangers.

    • Unser is now going by Uncle Touchy
    • New prospects at Teller-Morrow
    • Tig is still distraught about his daughter’s death

Passed up for Sergeant at Arms, but seriously on edge after seeing his daughter burned alive by Pope.

    • Pope’s second in command still wants Tig dead

Speaking of Pope, his replacement says that Tig is still owed to them to make things right.

    • Lyla gets beat and tortured by ‘Persians’

Opie’s baby mama is living on hard times and won’t come to the MC for help so instead she goes for a role in fetish porn that turned out to be torture porn, Jax the forever white knight wants to make things right.

    • Toric approaches Clay to have him turn on SAMCRO

Knowing that Clay won’t survive a minute in gen-pop he offers Clay a life preserver and the only tradeoff is that he has to kill the MC.

    • Bobby has moved out of Charming

He’s sick of all of the shit that the MC has been going through…also thinking about starting up a Nomad chapter of the club.

    • Bathtub fulla piss

Yep, a giant bathtub full of urine in the porn producer’s warehouse, I had a sense of ominous foreboding about that tub…

    • New allies/enemies

Peter Weller (Robocop) makes an appearance as an ex-cop who is essentially the boss of the dock area where Jax and Nero raid to exact revenge on the ‘Persians’. He strikes a deal with the two to have business with each other in exchange for respect.

    • Tig kills a ‘Persian’ in said tub of piss

The guy should have never said something about his daughter. How was he supposed to know that Tig’s daughter was recently murdered? So he gets drowned in the vat of urine after which Tig adds some of his own to the collection.

    • Toric wants Tara to turn on Jax

Offers Tara a way out of her life and crimes if she helps destroy the MC and turns Jax in.

    • Clay flips on SAMCRO

Like a bitch.

    • Juice gets beat up by Chibs

Juicey was a big part of the last two seasons after he went to the cops, tried suicide, killed a brother, and framed Clay. Chibs doesn’t trust him, wants him tossed on his ass but Jax denies that request…so he has to get all of his aggression out some how.

    • Jax schtupps the new brothel owner

Pissed that Tara is locked up and not wanting to see him before her hearing, so he is taken advantage of while vulnerable.

    • Toric turns out to be a drug addict

We’re talking IV drugs, so many that he humps a full body mirror naked in a scene reminiscent of Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs.

    • Oh and there’s a school shooting at the end

One of the KG-9s that SAMCRO has been bringing in from the IRA is used in a school shooting and turns out to be Dave Navarro’s son. He walks into the school with a full auto machine pistol with two clips and unloads.


If this episode is any indication of what to expect, I’m in for a hell of a ride. I’m glad that Kurt Sutter has decided on taking the show to darker levels than ever before, and even more happy that we will be getting another The Shield alumni in the form of CCH Pounder who is most likely investigating the shooting.

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