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Sons of Anarchy “One One Six” – Review

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sons-of-anarchy-one-one-sixsqFollowing an episode as charged as last week’s show is impossible to do, but Kurt Sutter sure likes to try.

In our second episode of the sixth season we are finding out the fallout from the school shooting at the end of the last episode. Namely the evil and oh so menacing U.S. Marshal (Retired) is sniffing around and is pretty sure that he can connect SAMCRO to the gun used by the kid. He approaches the District Attourney (played by Sutter regular, CCH Pounder) stating what he knows. But we’ll get back to that in a minute, let’s talk about the important stuff.

This week Tara has returned to her family, her husband, and back to the life she so desperately wants to escape. You may call me crazy but I honestly think this is the last season we will see of the good doctor. She has spent the last couple of seasons trying to leave the MC, move to Oregon, and start a life without the only thing that has made Jax who he is today.

I don’t know if it was my deafness or maybe the low talking but I couldn’t understand a word that half the cast said this episode…especially when it came to what Tara and the lawyer were talking about. I got the distinct impression that she’s trying an angle of getting out of Charming with her kids that involves destroying the MC and possibly her marriage.

Speaking of destroying the MC, Clay Morrow refuses to sign the paperwork that makes him a rat until he has a chance to talk to both Gemma and Jax in person and tell them what’s going on. This of course is pissing off Torvic who has essentially reached a point where his influence with others in the law enforcement world is waning. It becomes apparent that he is on the ropes when it comes to his reach, especially so when he forges Clay’s signature on the affadavit that he hands to the DA. The meeting that Gemma has with Clay doesn’t go anywhere except right to her feels in a scene that sends her to the jail’s bathroom where she further denegrates herself and cries in front of the mirror. Lots of crying this episode.

Let’s see, what else happened, oh that’s right Bobby has found a third member of his soon to be Nomad group of the Sons of Anarchy and is going to probably find a fourth. This fills me with dread that he’s doing something that is just building for season seven…we all know how they love to leave us with cliffhangers. Wasn’t he into impersonating Elvis? What happened to that role?

Ah perhaps the most important thing this week was that Dave Nevarro and his main squeeze (the mother of the school shooting kid) were being sequestered by Nero and the Sons up in Piney’s cabin just to make sure that the mom didn’t get any bright ideas about talking to the feds or cops about gang affiliations, which would be handy to establish RICO again, but instead of taking the MC’s help things went south, fast. Dave got shot in the head by Nero because he was a second in command that didn’t take orders from his boss, and she got a pillow in the face by Juice who looked like he was going to cry during the entire scene.

The fallout from that entire clusterfuck was that Jax lied straight to Nero’s face about whether the club had anything to do with it. In fact, his entire core group of bangers lied to him too. Nero is getting too soft for this business venture methinks.

Oh and Tara needs a pregnancy test. Why she talks to the director at her hospital about that I don’t know, you can buy EPT for like $7 at Walgreens. Surely they have one locally.

All in all this was a good episode, not the best mind you, but it’s doing exactly what it needs to do and that’s set up the chess pieces for the game that’s going to ensue in the next 2 months. Things are going to get crazy and I can’t wait to witness the fallout.

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