Sonic Will Be “Fixed Over Time” (Yeah Right)

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I don’t need to remind you how bad a state Sonic The Hedgehog is in. If you ask me, the poor hedgehog should just be put down but that won’t happen as long as Sega is around. In an attempt to try and bring some more Sonic fans back, Sega Of America’s VP of Marketing insists that Sega is concerned about Sonic’s “warranted” criticism and that they are spending a lot of time and effort discussing how to develop Sonic. That being said, they still don’t give a shit, as he then goes on to say that Sonic Unleashed went down well with consumers and kids and that the only ones who didn’t like it were the “diehard Sega fans.” Now firstly, you don’t need to develop Sonic much further. You had gameplay that people loved back in the early 90s, the only thing you need to develop is bug fixing and of course “diehard Sega fans” aren’t going to like the game when it’s nowhere near the quality of Sonic 1 – 3&K. Ah well, none of it matters at the end of the day. He does mention that they could possibly end up making a new 2D console Sonic ala New Super Mario Bros.Wii, but I can’t see that happening because it won’t go down well with the “kids”. I just need something to be ranty about.

Source: Industry Gamer

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