Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 out in October

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Sega have announced today via IGN the release dates and pricing for the various releases of Sonic 4: Episode 1. Apple’s App Store will be the first to see the blue hedgehog on October 7th, although no price has been specified. Next up are the console versions, starting with the Wiiware version on October 11th at 1500 Wii Points (15th October for Europe). Then the PSN version will be released a day after and finally the European PSN and XBLA version will be released on October 13th for $14.99/1200MSP.

In my opinion, the pricing is not surprising but certainly disappointing. For a game that consists of four zones at 3 acts each, $14.99 is pricy, HD graphics or not. That’s the equivalent amount of acts as Sonic 3, which is currently available for 400MSP on Xbox Live Arcade. I understand a lot of big XBLA/PSN games sell for $15 now but when similar retro sequels/remakes like Bionic Commando:Rearmed and Mega Man 9/10 are selling for $10 and probably offer more content, then it is weak in comparison. Besides, that pricing structure in place is no excuse when new titles like the recent Scott Pilgrim vs The World were available for $10.

Of course, as is such with any recent Sonic game, it’s probably not going to be good. Certainly not on the level it should be with a sequel to Sonic 1-Knuckles. At least with it being a downloadable title, there will be chance to try it out beforehand, but Sonic cycle or not, I won’t be buying it until it’s on sale. Our own Ryan Wilson won’t be hestitant though and is buying the game as soon as it’s out, so expect a bitter review from him in a few weeks. Unless it turns out to be amazing.

I doubt it.

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