Ryan Wilson

Sonic: Lost World Trailer Shows Off Some Familiar Features

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Unfortunately, the trailer for Sonic: Lost World features 0% Jeff Goldblum

What it does have, however, is a style long thought lost in the Sonic franchise. While many might look at this trailer and see Super Mario Galaxy ripoff, I’m taken back to a simpler time back when the Sega Saturn was a viable competitor to the Sony PlayStation. You see, originally the Saturn was set to have an exclusive original Sonic title, complete with the “definitely made in the 90’s” name of Sonic X-Treme. Sadly, the game never saw the light of day…

Until now, it seems. Sonic: Lost World gives me hope that the “first 3D Sonic game that never was” may actually be on its way now. Watch the trailer below and judge for yourself:

Will the game suck? Probably, given the company’s recent track record, but little Ryan will always hope for a return to glory for the series. We shall see when the game releases later this year on Wii U and 3DS.

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