Sonic Generations Demo Coming Out Tomorrow

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At least this time, Sonic apologists can try the game out before they waste sixty bucks on it. Well, unless they go into denial. Reported by Andriasang and confirmed by the EU PSN, the latest Sonic game which is due out later this year is getting an early demo for a limited time only on Xbox Live and PSN. It’s available tomorrow and will contain Classic Sonic’s version of the first act, Green Hill Zone, of Sonic 1 fame. It will also support 3DTVs, so one can assume stereoscopic settings for what is most likely another mediocre entry into the series. However, as I said, this demo is available for a limited time only and will disappear from both marketplaces on July 12th.

Interestingly, the PSN is still not back up in Japan and SEGA have said that the July 12th deadline will apply to all regions, meaning that if the service is not back up by then, the demo won’t be available over there at all on PS3 which seems a little unfair given that a big demographic of SEGA and Sonic games comes from Japan and that it’s the Japanese Government that is keeping the PSN down in the country. As for the Microsoft side, as per usual XBL Free members will have to wait an extra week until they can get their hands on the demo.

Given that it costs nothing but my patience, I’ll download the demo and play it, just for morbid curiosity. I finally joined the growing list of people who have given up on Sonic after Sonic Unleashed and as aesthetically nice as the game and Classic Sonic are, the gameplay I’ve seen doesn’t look to have been improved anymore than in Unleashed. The Modern Sonic gameplay still has the weird time attack mentality and the awkward 3D sections and while the Classic Sonic gameplay may look more faithful than it did in Sonic 4, it’s still nowhere near it should be. Normally I’d say I was being too harsh, but with Sonic’s track record, I think I’m justified here.

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