Sonic Classic Collection for DS confirmed, we collectively facepalm

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Oh Sonic, no one’s ever going to give you a rest are they? Not content with putting out a billion collections involving the classic first 3/4 Sonic games (Depending whether you count Sonic & Knuckles as a separate game from Sonic 3), they’re making it a billion and one today by confirming the rumour that a new collection called Sonic Classic Collection is coming to DS. However, they’re going the extra mile this time by including not one, not two, not even three but FOUR games on the collection. Not only that, but the collection will feature a BRAND NEW save anywhere feature and some videos and pictures! Oh boy, I haven’t seen any of those features in a collection before. Now I can squint and break my eyes watching and viewing media of Sonic! Now it’s understandable to complain about the amount of filler games that usually appear on a Sonic/Sega collection but this barebones package is just ridiculous. If they charge full DS game price for this (which bearing in mind, is £30 over here) and then someone buys it, well then they deserve to be given a smack in the face. However, I’ve said it beforeand I’ll say it again, to the common consumer, nostalgia will win everytime and you just know people will suck this up like the bitches they are.
(Image via BrawlSnapshots)

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