Alan Smithee

Sonic 4 Screenshots

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They’ve been floating around the internet for a day or two, but we’ve finally got our hands on them. It’s definitely a 2-D sonic that is going to be a throwback to the ‘good’ Sonic games of the past. I’m just surprised I’m making this post instead of good ol’ Gibbo, because we all know that the Sonic the Hedgehog stuff is his forte.

I swear to crom that I've fought this version of Robotnik before...

The screenshots may not appear like much at first, but it does show us that of course Eggman will be the main antagonist, and it seems that some of the stages from the first 3 will be making an HD appearance. I just hope they make it worth getting, most of the others kinda fell flat on their asses.

Hmmm, this stage's background and level design is also oddly reminiscent...

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