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Sonic 4 Delayed for Good Reason

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i will hold off fapping until it's released.

Usually when a game developer says that they are delaying a game when it’s only a month from its release date, is a very very bad sign…and with how the hopes of gamers worldwide and bankers with a stake in Sega are riding on Sonic 4 being good. We can all take a calm and collecting breath because everything is OK.

SQUEEEEEEEEEALOur very own resident Sonic The Hedgehog expert, Gibbo told us about the news item so we went to research the whys and found something surprising. It’s not just coming out on the consoles now…it’s going to the mobile market, namely the iPhone.

The guys at Sega have decided that with the excitement of fans and press worldwide, that they’re going to push back development to later this year in the hopes that the extra development time for the console game and the mobile game will make it an even more polished release.

Don’t believe me? Hear it straight from the Sega PR people themselves:

“Sega is incredibly happy at the overwhelmingly positive response to Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode I from both press and fans around the world, and wants to ensure that we’re delivering the best Sonic experience possible. With this dedication to quality and the Sonic experience in mind, SEGA has decided to extend the development of the game, and will now release Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode I in the latter half of 2010.”

Naysayers be damned, this game is looking to be the saving grace for Sega after flop after flop after flop of the once great mascot of the Mega Drive / Genesis era. I can only wait and see, and hope that it is as good as I think it can be.

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