Alan Smithee

Someone Take Interplay Behind the Toolshed…

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The much beloved company that rescued itself from the brink of collapse about six years ago isn’t doing too well. It might just be time to bid adieu to the once great software company.

I won’t get too heavy into all of the details, but Interplay has found themselves with only $3,000 in the bank and a mountain of unpaid debts that will more than likely cause the company to liquidate and even then still not have enough to climb out of the hole. The investors must be pissed.

The company was months behind in putting out their annual fiscal report, which is never a good sign. When they finally produced the damn thing they had well over $500,000 in tax obligations and various other debts. Combine this with the fact that they had a net loss of over $1,000,000 last year and you have a very dire situation for any company.

I just hope that they end up selling the Fallout MMO to someone like Bethesda when they inevitably go out of business. A good Earthworm Jim and Clayfighter have too long been held hostage by Interplay and their apparent inability to turn a buck, it’s time to set them free (so to speak) to an actual profitable corporation I think.


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