James Helsby

Someone from ‘Deadliest Catch’ died. Discovery probably to spin off new show about it

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I’ve never watched the show. I find the subject non-interesting, in the same way I was completely uninterested in Geometry or Trig in college. There were much more interesting things to look at (girls) and read about (anything else).

But according to Variety, actor Justin Tennison (34) was found dead in a hotel room in the fishing town that the show is based out of. At the moment there are no signs of foul play, but I suspect a mass rise in crab vengeance, and the shows title coming true.

I’m sorry for any death, especially if the guy died unnoticed in a hotel room and was found by the cleaning staff. But, like I said, I never watched the show, so I am just passing on the information sans-commentary.

Editors note: For those of you wondering who he is, it’s the engineer for the Time Bandit


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