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Soldier Zero #11 – Mini Review

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I hope you like to read a whole bunch of internal dialogue of someone who isn’t the titular character in the comic. It might seem a bit harsh to say so, but I didn’t enjoy this month’s issue of Soldier Zero one bit. It has less to do with the lack of action and more to do with the seemingly tacked on premise of YET ANOTHER alien species finding their way to Earth. This time around, it’s a seemingly innocuous species that calls itself the Inheritors.

While the artwork for this issue is excellent at the hands of Javier Pina, the writing is just not well done at all. It’s bad enough that they let the entire crossover with Starborn (yay Starborn!) just fall apart after the ‘shiny keys’ of this new species showing up. What we get are 24 pages of Stewart’s girlfriend questioning herself and pretending to be a badass in the face of giant aliens.

I’m sorry to say that there isn’t enough that happens this issue to warrant a purchase recommend from me. It did do it’s job in making me wonder what is coming up in the next issue, so consider this is your final warning Soldier Zero, either get your act together or face a cancellation.

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