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So PAX 2009…How was it?

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Just a small example of how fucking crazy the companies went when it came to setting up boothes at this year's Penny-Arcade Expo

I was told by no more than 15 people that if I wasn’t at the Penny-Arcade Expo this year in 2009, that terrible things would happen to me…all of them involving very sensitive areas and feet. Well, I bit the bullet and bought my tickets for PAX like any good friend who caves in to peer pressure would do, and I have to say…I had a pretty damn good time.

I’ll say this though, this is an event meant for all sorts of gamers/weeaboos/geeks to enjoy, it is not for the civilians…like my wife. I love you honey, but I can tell that you weren’t having that great of a time and were essentially humoring me by agreeing to go on this trip.

Now that that’s out of the way, let me start by saying that just about everyone who is anyone in the gaming industry made it to this event last weekend…including your buddies here at MediaWhoreNetwork. I had more fun walking around collecting all sorts of swag from the event than actually getting all sorts of business contacts in the gaming industry. I did slack pretty hard with the writing, seeing how I was planning on blogging the entire event while I was there.

I didn’t take full advantage of what PAX had to offer guys like me, but that’s mainly because this was a family vacation and I didn’t have a whole bunch of time that I could spend doing what the site’s other two attendees did. I know that Evan caught some great panels and a few concerts and Ryan got to meet guys who inspired his entrance into the gaming business.

I had a few in-depth talks with a few company men like the fellows from Twisted Pixel and Rockstar that were really interesting but ultimately left my hopes for industry secrets unfulfilled. I’ll be sure to write those up as I get time this week, though I should warn you all that I’m technically still on vacation until Wednesday so I plan on slacking as hard as possible until then.

The best part of PAX was the opportunity to talk to people who I’ve only ever known online. I got to meet John, Gavin, and Andy from over at NegativeGamer, our very own BunnyRabbit and Simmy were there alongside them, and I finally got a chance to embrace Greg (Coonskin) and our resident weeaboo Evan Burkey as well. I know that thanks to the multiple drunken conversations I had with them, that most of them are in love with the whore if not supporters of what we do here. That did so much to bolster my love for this site and what we’re trying to do, you’ll never have any idea how much so.

The beauty of PAX isn’t the panels, it isn’t the show floor, and it for sure isn’t all of the free gear you get or the early demos you get to play…it’s what happens after. I had more fun getting food and drinks with my friends there and handing out business cards to perfect strangers than anything I could have done at the expo itself. I highly suggest that everyone who is a fan of gaming or gaming culture to check out the event next year at PAX 2010 in either Seattle for the West leg or New York for when they finally get the East leg started. It’s worth every penny.

Stay tuned, I’ll have more for you all this Wednesday.

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