Ryan Thomason

So Much For Googles Digital-Library

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In case you didn’t know, Google has been copying pages of books, digitizing them and then making snippets available online and for download. Their attempt to make the worlds largest library has hit another roadblock. U.S. Circuit Judge Denny Chin said Google’s plan “simply goes too far. The reason (so they say) people are trying to stop it is that opponents of this project think it violates international law.

The amended $125 million dollar settlement agreement which would have given Google immunity from copyright laws, was rejected today by U.S. Circuit Judge Denny Chin in Manhattan, who was a district-court judge when the case first came before him. “While the digitization of books and the creation of a universal digital library would benefit many, the ASA would simply go too far,” Chin wrote.

I for one, was and still am for this thing. If we’re going to make knowledge attainable for everyone this is the step, why the hell not have what is in essence the biggest public library ever created? It just sounds damn cool to me.

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