James Helsby

So it Begins: The Hobbit in Production

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I don’t mean pre-production. I mean, today they started filming. Finally.

Much about the film is still hush-hush, but considering it looks like Peter Jackson has lost a good 50 lbs, we can anticipate a great amount of cross-country travel.

The Hobbit, was penned by John Ronald Reuel Tolkien in 1937, and was quickly sequeled (or reverse prequel-led, if you will) in 1937-43 by the Lord of the Rings (The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and The Return of the King).

The Hobbit was originally adapted into an animated feature in 1977, which remains a must see for any stoner Tolkien fans. Personally, I was always bored with the animated film.

In 1999 Peter Jackson released the Lord of the Ring’s trilogy of major motion picture films to much fan-fare, and honestly to this day the series remains one of my classic films.

Conversely, to this day…. I can’t stand reading the Lord of the Rings book series. The Hobbit was always more enjoyable to me.


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