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So, I’m not the only one who’s sick of Rhythm Games?

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rock band

Everyone’s favorite wizard of numbers Michael Pachter is back this week with some startling figures that surprised even me…that the music game industry sales are down 49% compared to last year. What even more startling is that the biggest drop in sales compared to last year isn’t with the Guitar Hero franchise, but with Rock Band…that’s right, everyone’s favorite platform is doing worse than Guitar Hero!

I can’t blame people for getting tired of these games. We have technically been playing the same game since the original GH came out (what seems like ages ago) on the PS2. Sure, it’s gotten prettier and there are different instruments to play, but you can’t help but agree that it truly is a completely derivative gameplay experience. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing really, take for example the Dance Dance Revolution and Beatmania series, they’ve been repackaging those old ass pieces of software with shinier graphics for years.

I think as a whole, everyone is just essentially sick of spending oodles of their money on new instruments and songs that they somewhat care about in generic rehashed games that refresh themselves on the store shelf every 6-12 months with a brand new SKU. Give us time to clamor for something new before you decide that we really want it, maybe next year your sales might see a little bit more of a spike.

Statistics from Gamasutra.

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